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Make Plans for Spring Remodeling Now

It’s always a great time to begin planning for spring remodeling, especially with material demands, lead times, and permitting processes taking a little longer than usual.  It’s actually the perfect time to make plans for spring remodeling now.  Here are a few ideas to consider and get the process started so you’ll be ready to enjoy your home next year!

Selecting the Right Contractor

When you choose to remodel your home, the biggest decision you’ll be making to to select the right contractor for you and your project.  According to Consumer Reports, ” Among the shady industry practices… contractors [are] using unskilled laborers to carry out their work, and winning jobs with lowball bids and then jacking up the cost later with “unforeseen problems.”   To avoid any horror stories, you’ll want to be sure to thoroughly vet and select a good contractor.  Here are 10 questions you should ask a contractor before you begin any remodeling or renovation project!

Selections, Materials & Lead Times

With the shortage of some materials and longer lead times, it’s important to begin the selection process early and work with your contractor to develop a clear timeline for the process.  We have found this to be the biggest single factor to effectively managing the progress and completion of any remodeling projects.  You and your contractor should discuss these issues up front and plan your project to accommodate expectations.  For example, currently for any kitchen project, we are asking clients to make immediate selections so that we can order appliance and cabinetry packages, at contract signing.  This is about 6 weeks ahead of our regular production schedule, but allows the process to be managed effectively for the best outcome.  Parker Design Build also offers clients design assistance with making selections to make the process even easier.

Permitting and inspections is another area that should be discussed and managed appropriately.  These processes are taking longer than usual.  So, a spring remodeling project should effectively start now, to help meet accomplish your desired goals.  This is another area where an experienced contractor or remodeler can be a valuable resource and guide.  Managing timelines and production schedules can be a smooth process or a catastrophic failure and you’ll want to have confidence in the contractor you choose.

Financing Options Can Be a Game Changer

Many clients are familiar with home equity loans, but Parker offers clients access to renovation financing which can be far more beneficial than a traditional HELOC.  Why?  Our go-to lending expert, David Ratti (NMLS #532652) explains, “Renovation financing is a unique niche that not many banks or lenders perform and if they do, they often don’t perform them well.  Homeowners and contractors are relying on well-structured financing to fund the renovations as the project progresses.  So, it’s important to be able to structure the draw schedules accordingly so it doesn’t impact the renovation process.  In addition, our programs allow you to have one mortgage payment, offered at today’s historic low fixed rates, while providing cash for renovations.  The big advantage is that these loans are  based upon the appraised value, after renovations, so you may not nhave to have equity in your current home.”  Download the Free Guide to Renovation Financing to learn more about this unique service.

The bottom line is that if you’re thinking about a remodeling project for the coming year, now is the time to get started!  Parker Design Build offers a unique approach that can allow you to begin the design process with your budgetary requirements in mind.  Chris Parker notes, “The Design/Build approach is unique in the remodeling sector and offers clients a 5 star experience every time.”  To get started, schedule a call or consultation with Parker Design Build today.

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Parker Design Build Remodel is a family-owned business that has been serving the Baltimore metropolitan area for over 15 years and has received multiple awards.  

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