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man working on design build estimateOur Process Is Transparent

The ‘typical’ remodeler comes out, reviews your project, and gives you a ‘ballpark’ price.  That’s simply not how we do business and we find that kind of process to be less than transparent.  Most importantly, this can result in a poor remodeling experience.  

Remodeling can be intimidating and unfortunately, our industry is riddled with horror stories.  We don’t want you to be one of them!  That is why we have refined our processes, throughout the years, and chosen the Design Build approach to remodeling.  This is a different approach than many other remodeling companies, but we know that it offers our clients a far better experience and helps ensure each project stays on-time and on-budget.  Most importantly, it allows us to work through all of the project design and specification elements before we begin.  This approach leads to:

  • A more educated process for the homeowner,
  • Better value engineering options,
  • Design renderings that allow you to visualize your project,
  • Fewer surprises,
  • Projects that are On-time & On-Budget
  • A solid reputation with satisfied customers.

Our Clients Describe the Process

Parker Design Build completed a major remodel of our home including the addition of a garage.

I'll start out by saying this was the best experience we've ever had with a builder / contractor. Yes, the final product is incredible, but the intangibles are really what motivated this review. Here are a couple of the reasons why Parker Design Build stands above the rest, and why you should hire them.

Scheduling: The way Chris scheduled his crews, subcontractors, and inspections was like clockwork. There was never a delay because of a delivery or inspection and never a time when we felt like the job had slowed or stalled. This efficient scheduling limited the disruption to our and our neighbors' lives and minimized stress on our family.

Communication and Attention to Detail: Chris is a thorough communicator and managed our expectations quite well. We got a very clear idea from the beginning of the process when the job would begin and how long it would take. He manages his crews well as his employees always seemed well prepared and in the loop. Chris also communicated issues that would crop up and addressed any of our concerns immediately. No detail was too small to ignore.

Trust: Chris puts a lot of thought into the budget to ensure there are no surprises. Also, Parker's employees and regular crews were terrific. They were friendly, respectful of our home, and most importantly, I felt that I could trust them.

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Our Process In a Nutshell


Our clients enjoy a proven process with a single point of contact.  This provides clear accountability and execution for all of the project’s requirements, from concept to completion. Parker Design Build Remodel takes a team approach with the architect, designer, and trade contractors to quarterback and resolve any challenges that arise with ultimate responsibility for moving the project to completion in a timely and cost-efficient manner. 

Because of our proven process, there is cohesive execution with the entire scope of work.  Our clients enjoy working with our showrooms and designers to assist with the selections process and often save money too.  

Read our client testimonials to see how the process and a single point of contact create 5 star client experiences every day.  On-time and on-budget – that’s what we are known for.  





When the project is being designed and taken from vision to paper, there are a variety of factors that can influence cost.  The Design Build process is much more transparent and accurate than a typical bid process.  You can learn why in our Guide to Remodeling. 

With Design Build, your design team has the opportunity to value-engineer the project to meet your time and budget requirements during the design process, not halfway through the project.  The team can recommend alternative products or services that may reduce cost and/or improve efficiency. Using the team approach also limits the need to re-design, which can be costly and time consuming. Ultimately, Parker’s team is directly responsible for managing the team approach and meeting the client’s needs and expectations.  The merits of Design Build have been studied and proven in the commercial sector – why would the residential sector be any different?


Parker provides you with design renderings and custom cabinetry that elevate the entire remodeling experience.  This part of our process allows you to visualize your selections, include handcrafted custom cabinetry that is measured to your exact specifications, and experience a truly custom experience.


Design Build inherently provides higher quality for several reasons. First, Parker provides a workmanship warranty. This means that there are no incentives to cutting corners or using inferior products or low-ball sub-contractors where a project is often awarded on price, not value. Since Parker has established long-term relationships with all of our trade contractors, they understand our business philosophy and rely on us for ongoing work. Therefore, they are incented to provide consistent high quality to maintain that steady stream of business. 


Every homeowner wants to keep their project on-time and on-budget.  Some projects never make it past the design stage because of poor planning, erroneous information, substandard quality or inaccurate cost assessments. 

When Parker’s team is responsible for everything that happens before, during and at the completion of your project, we have a higher on-time and on-budget completion rate than our competitors. Ultimately, we also achieve a higher client satisfaction rating.  

By utilizing the Design Build approach, we are confident we can accomplish our mission to make the entire remodeling process exciting and rewarding by providing an experience that guides you step by step on…Your Journey To A Better Home.  We are located in Towson, MD and provide remodeling services to the Greater Baltimore metro area.  

A Unique Approach Provides A Better Experience for You!

The Design Build approach offers our clients the benefits of greater design and construction integration with singular responsibility for the project’s overall process and outcome and often a reduction in total project costs.  By collaborating on the architectural design as part of the budgeting process, we also ensure your project will meet your budget requirements.  That’s an important element to understand because very few contractors or remodeler’s utilize this process.  Why?  It takes more time to estimate and design – meaning you’ll have a very real understanding of the cost before the project even begins, with fewer hidden surprises!  We have also found that the typical bid process is not as transparent and homeowners find there are far more surprises and projects usually end up costing substantially more than the original ‘bid’.   

What You Need to Know About Design Build for Remodeling

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Learn more about the Design-Build-Remodel process, philosophy, approach to remodeling.  Download the Free Guide to Design-Build.

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Parker Design Build Remodel is a family-owned business that has been serving the Baltimore metropolitan area for over 15 years and has received multiple awards.


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Parker Design Build Remodel is a family-owned business that has been serving the Baltimore metropolitan area for over 15 years and has received multiple awards.  

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