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Financing Home Renovations Is Easier Than Ever

Financing for Home Improvement  

Now is a great time to consider financing home renovations.   The biggest question facing homeowners when they are considering a major renovation project is how to pay for it!  Many homeowners delay renovations until they can save up the money while other homeowners simply decide to move altogether!  However, if you love your neighborhood or don’t want to compete for a new home in the crazy real estate market, renovation may be the answer!  There are some really great renovation financing programs available help you make your home more suitable for your lifestyle.  Here are a few ways we can help you afford renovations now and live in the home you’ve always dreamed about!

You can enjoy living in an updated home now!

Many people outgrow the size of their home, over time.  In the post-Covid world, many people are using their homes differently or require more space now that they are spending more time at home.  Fixer upper loans allow you to accomplish more with a larger budget.  This can have a big impact on your wants and needs versus choosing between multiple projects.

When you have access to home improvement financing, you can create the home you desire that best suits your lifestyle.  Maybe you need a quieter office space or a home gym?  Maybe the kids could use a larger playroom or a home theater.  Why wait?  Often, the home improvements you are considering will increase your resale value and provide you a more rewarding living experience for years to come!

No equity needed!

When you improve your home, you often increase resale value.  So, we offer access to special financing programs for renovations, remodeling, and home improvement projects!  The best part is, many of these programs will be based on the “After-Improvements Value.”  More importantly, these programs provide several important benefits:

  1. Financing for larger home improvement projects at a low fixed interest rate.
  2. Financing, bundled in with your mortgage, so there is only one payment.  Since it’s at
  3. Unlike the old HELOCs, these programs offer FIXED rates, so that your payment doesn’t change as interest rates rise.
  4. No current equity needed! Your loan can be based on the value of the home, after improvements are made!
  5. In most cases, you can remodel with no cash out of pocket!

Many of the finance programs available are based on the home’s value, after improvements, so current equity is not typically required.  Even if you buy a new home, that needs improvements, we can often set aside money at the closing table to make the improvements you need!  With today’s interest rates changing daily, there is no better time to act!   Contact us today to schedule a call or conversation!  

Ready to get pre-qualified?   Contact David Ratti, our go-to loan specialist, for more details!

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