Budgeting Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are some of the most valuable improvements you can make to your home – and some of the priciest. The messes and costs can be well worth it, not only in functionality but because these types of renovations can add significant resale value to your home. If you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel, take the time to research costs. At Parker Design | Build | Remodel, we have extensive experience in kitchen and bathroom remodels. We hope the information below can help you better budget and provide ideas as to what you should focus on when remodeling.

Average Cost to Remodel a Kitchen

Parker Design | Build | Remodel specializes in kitchen remodeling.  Kitchens are the social epicenter of your home and as such, our customer’s kitchen remodel typically averages around $40,000.  This cost generally includes features such as custom cabinets, granite countertops, and tile backsplashes.  Many of the finishes and selections in a kitchen remodel can cause wide swings in the budget.  For example, builder grade vs. high end appliances could vary the project by $15-20,000 one way or the other.  So, you will want weigh your design wants carefully with your budget ‘needs.’ We can assist you with alternative recommendations if budget is a big factor.

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When remodeling a kitchen, especially for the resale of your home, think about the features that will most likely attract buyers. If your prospective buyers are likely high-end, you should invest in granite, marble, or quartz materials. If your home value is at a mid-range or more reasonable price point, your prospective buyers will likely be more interested in the kitchen’s function.  In this case, you should focus on more practical updates.

Average Cost to Remodel a Bathroom

Some homeowners think bathrooms are less complicated than kitchens because they don’t have as many appliances to contend with. The truth is, bathrooms are also expensive to remodel, because they require removing and/or relocating complicated fixtures like bathtubs, showers, and toilets. Our clients typically spend between $10,000-$25,000 on a bathroom remodel. Of course, the size of the bathroom and the choice of materials can widely affect the overall budget.  For example, a Jacuzzi tub or steam shower will cost significantly more than a standard tub.  A custom tiled shower will cost more than a fiberglass surround.  So, it is again important to evaluate wants vs. needs to stay within a certain budget.

If you are interested in kitchen or bathroom renovations, contact Parker Design | Build | Remodel or visit our website to see a portfolio of the projects we have completed.

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Parker Design Build Remodel is a family-owned business that has been serving the Baltimore metropolitan area for over 15 years and has received multiple awards.  

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