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5 Home Additions That Add Value

garage addition in towson marylandMany homeowners begin contemplating remodeling their home to accommodate out of town guests, growing families, and holiday celebrations.  In this three part series, Parker Design Build Remodel shares our experience, tips, and insight to help you maximize your space and tips for remodeling your home.  In part 3 of the series, we share 3 tips for home additions that add value while making your home more inviting. More importantly, adding an addition can cost less than purchasing a larger home to accommodate your growing needs.    But, don’t delay!  Time is ticking and now is the right time to get your remodeling project underway so it will be completed before your guests arrive!


before after garage addition1. Add a Garage or AirBNB Space

If you’re looking to generate passive income, or you just don’t have room to accommodate out of town guests, a home addition may help expand your living space and potentially increase the short and long-term value of your home.  More and more homeowners are considering a home addition to provide additional income as an AirBNB option.  Adding a separate room or even a separate entrance can be ideal for this scenario.  Another idea is to incorporate a small kitchenette or efficiency concept into the home addition, as it will often get your more dollars for your bookings.  We have designed detached garages that provide more space for your car, while also serving as an income producing asset.  This photo shows the space above the garage, which is perfect as a guest suite or AirBNB income producing benefit.

2.  1st Floor Master Bedroom Ensuite

Are you ready to realize your dream of a spacious master bedroom, a connected bath, and all the latest accessories?  Adding space for a first floor master ensuite is not only a great investment in your future living space, but a real added value when it comes to resale.  An addition of this type can significantly increase the enjoyment of a home in a very personal and private way.  It can also free up other space in the home for guests, especially during the holidays!  According to the Remodeling Impact Report, “Adding a 20×20 addition with mid-range fixtures and finishes has a national median cost of $112,500.” So, you’ll want to make sure your budget is realistically aligned with your vision.  In addition to your personal preferences, make sure you consider local trends, homebuyers wish lists, and what is typical for your neighborhood when choosing fixtures and finishes.  You can never go wrong with adding a first floor primary suite.

2 story home addition3.  Add a Second Story Addition

Many homes are restricted by their lot size or footprint, especially waterfront homes.  So, when you can’t add square footage to your lot, you can always consider adding a second story to your existing home!  There are pros and cons, of course, but the biggest benefit of adding a second story addition is that you are effectively doubling the available living area without expanding the home’s footprint.  Homeowners have the opportunity to reconfigure the layout of their home, adding additional bedrooms, bathrooms, or living spaces to better accommodate their needs and lifestyle. This level of customization is often difficult to achieve when searching for a new home, making a second-story addition a desirable option for those seeking tailored living spaces.

Moreover, adding a second story can significantly increase the property’s resale value. The additional square footage and improved functionality resulting from the expansion appeal to potential buyers, making the home more desirable on the market. This increased value can provide a substantial return on investment, offsetting the costs associated with the construction of the second story.

4.  Add a Sunroom or Multi-Purpose Den

A sunroom addition comes in many shapes and sizes and can provide additional living and entertaining space when the house is full.  Here in Maryland, we often build four-season sunrooms that allow the homeowner to utilize the space all year long, especially during the holiday season.  We typically recommend a mini-split system which can heat and cool the room when needed, or save energy when you’re not using the room.  Our custom four season sunrooms typically have insulation in the floors, ceiling, and walls.  Decorating a sunroom helps lure guests into the room, often with beautiful views of the backyard, pool or waterfront.

Dens are making a comeback because they can be used for multiple purposes – as an office by day and a TV room by night. Dens can easily be converted into guest quarters with a Murphy bed or daybed.  Parker’s custom wood shop can even customize a built-in for your specific needs!


If you’re thinking about adding an addition to your home, don’t delay!  Now is the time to get started so your home can be ready when your guests arrive!  Check out our latest projects and contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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