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4 Durable Building Materials to Use for a Waterfront Home

Having a waterfront property affords you many material and décor options. As with all homes, however, waterfront property comes with unique needs. One of these is the need for durable materials that will stand up to the wear and tear your home will endure, not only from water but also more commonplace issues. Before you move into a waterfront property or start building your own, we at Parker Design | Build | Remodel want you to consider these durable materials you can use to ensure your home’s structural integrity and beauty remain uncompromised.


Tile is perhaps one of the best materials a waterfront property owner can use. Unlike wood, it doesn’t shrink or absorb water.  Tile does not swell, burst, or crack over time. Additionally, tile is better for a waterfront environment than wood, because it’s easy to clean and keep dry. If water seeps into a home with tile floors, it can be eradicated quickly. The home won’t become damp, which won’t cause mildew and mold or negatively affect indoor temperatures. Finally, tile gives you plenty of color, pattern, and material options.


Concrete is a good choice of material for framing your house, mostly because it’s resistant to salt water corrosion.  Concrete can be a big advantage if your  home is located on the beach, as many waterfront properties are. However, even if you live near freshwater, concrete is still one of the strongest and most durable materials you can use. It will not easily crack, swell, or mold. Additionally, you won’t have to replace it every several years as you do with wood or tile.

Brick and Composites

Brick and its composites, such as hardi-plank siding, are well-known for their ability to withstand all kinds of weather, wear, and tear. Brick is particularly resistant to salt water and large amounts of precipitation that are common in waterfront areas. Brick also provides sound insulation and will help you regulate indoor temperatures more closely. Brick can withstand use for more than 100 years before showing any signs of damage.


Metal is a popular material for a variety of reasons. First, it reflects the sun, which naturally cools your home and helps regulate temperature. It’s also sturdy, fairly inexpensive, and able to withstand plenty of weather and water damage. Since there’s no food source on or in a metal roof, you don’t have to worry as much about insects like termites or other debris slipping into your home.

If you’re considering remodeling a waterfront home, there are other design considerations.  View this recent waterfront renovation project and learn more about the process.  Contact Parker Design | Build | Remodel if you need assistance choosing the right building materials and products for your waterfront home.


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