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3 Ideas for Home Theater Design

More people are adding home theater rooms to their homes particularly considering the trend to download a movie in minutes. Creating an inviting and comfortable space is key to the design.  We at Parker Design | Build | Remodel have gathered some of our best home theater design ideas to help you create a theater room your guests will love.

Make Guests Comfortable

When most people think of theaters, they think of movie theaters with plush chairs in long rows and a big screen in the center of the room. This is fine, but it doesn’t naturally encourage camaraderie or enjoyment. Since your theater will be inside your home, you have more freedom of design than you’d find in a traditional theater.

Instead of chairs in rows, bring in couches, large stools, or reclining chairs. Set them up in a way that encourages both watching movies and socializing, such as in a semicircle. You can make the screen your focal point or choose another feature, such as a large chandelier or high, vaulted ceilings. If you want to use chairs in a traditional formation, offer guests personal ottomans or cup holders.

Use the Right Colors

Many home theater owners use brown, black, or beige for their furniture and carpets because they want the focus to be on the screen. If you choose these colors, choose light shades or comfortable fabrics – warm brown or burgundy leather over black leather, for instance. Use features such as glass-paneled doors, chandeliers, and large windows to let in natural light. Invest in room darkening blinds that can be closed while the home theater is in use and reopened for socializing.

If you’d like to get away from neutral colors, think about what you want your home theater to convey. If you want it to be an exciting, upbeat room, choose light woods and upholstery in rich reds, autumn oranges, or buttery yellows. For a relaxing atmosphere, choose slightly darker woods such as cherry or mahogany, brick and stone accents, and colors such as light blue or sea foam green.

Add Extra Features

Although your home theater’s major features will be the seating and screen, you should add extra features, as well. Guests are drawn to these and will come back to your house over and over again to experience them. Possibilities include a bar for popcorn, drinks, and other snacks, shelving stocked with popular DVDs and video games, and pillows or blankets for late-night viewing.

If you need help designing your home theater, the Design Build approach is going to save you time and money.  contact Parker Design | Build | Remodel. We make the remodeling process exciting and rewarding by providing an experience that guides you step by step on “Your Journey To A Better Home.”

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Parker Design Build Remodel is a family-owned business that has been serving the Baltimore metropolitan area for over 15 years and has received multiple awards.  

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