Why is technology important for remodeling?

Parker Design Build Remodel invests in technology to enhance communication and improve performance for our construction team and the customers we serve. Our construction software provides clients, vendors and our team with project management information, tasks and outstanding items needed throughout the construction process and progress photos that keep everyone on the same page. In addition, this technology can be accessed from a smart phone, providing information anytime, anywhere.

Many remodeling contractors don't invest in this kind of technology and communication. It's just another way that Parker Design Build Remodel is a 'cut above' most contractors. Contact us today to experience the difference when you work with Parker Design Build Remodel. 


Enhanced Communication

Our processes are built around technology and communication.  Our software provides a hub for communication and information to keep our project manager, you, our trade contractors, and our administrative office in the loop on every aspect of the job.  Communication is key!


Project Management

The remodeling process is fluid.  Products may be out of stock or back-ordered.  Weather may cause site work or construction to be delayed.  Each of these elements can impact other portions of the job.  By utilizing a comprehensive project management software platform, we are able to stay on top of every change, and anticipate it's impact on other portions of the project.


Cost Control

Over 98% of our projects are on-time and on-budget.  Our software allows us to see when and if variances occur, as the project progresses, so we can clearly discuss areas of concern or value-engineering that needs to be discussed along the way.