Services: Creating living spaces that enhance your lifestyle.

Whole House Renovations


Many homeowners love their neighborhood or location, but need to completely renovate a majority or all of their existing home to accommodate their lifestyle.   Our whole house renovations are turn-key and take into consideration the existing structure, permitting requirements, and even waterfront restrictions.

Home Additions


Do you need to add a garage with living space above it?  Do you need to add extra space to accommodate an in-law or aging parent?

Or, perhaps you'd like to add a 1st floor master suite?  Whatever your need - we specialize in creating home additions and love providing you more space to enjoy your unique lifestyle!



The kitchen is the heart of the home so it's one of the most important rooms of the home, when it comes to your lifestyle - how you live every day and how you entertain too!  Many of our clients kitchen remodeling projects allow them to enjoy a more open space floorplan, designed to be accommodating for today's busy lifestyles.

Clean Remodeling

Are you concerned about dust and allergens when remodeling?

We are one of the only remodeling companies that offers a "Clean Remodeling" solution.  This means we actually reduce the dust and allergens that can have an impact on your home, family and even pets. We've invested in equipment, technology and process with our clean remodeling dust control system - another way we work to make your remodeling experience as smooth as possible.   

During your remodeling project, there is no way to completely eliminate dust, but there are ways to dramatically reduce it!  The Build-Clean system is a solution that top notch contractors will invest in to ensure a better remodeling experience for their clients.  

If you’re concerned about clean remodeling, make sure you and your contractor have discussed a plan and a process for cleaner remodeling.  



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