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Everything You Need to Know About Adding A Second Story to an Existing Home

At Parker Design Build Remodel, we help our clients plan for their future by making their homes more accommodating.  For many of our clients, this means adding a second story to their existing homes to provide them with more square footage and to allow them to expand their homes to fit their family’s growing needs.  For other clients, purchasing a small waterfront cottage offers the ability to purchase a “bargain” home on the water and improve the home to accommodate their needs, providing a significant Return on Investment. Either way, this major renovation has nuances you need to know about! So, we’ve developed a comprehensive guide to the factors you must consider before adding a second story to your home.

In this guide, “Adding a Second Story to Your Home” we discuss the major considerations that must be evaluated before you begin the process.  These topics include:

  • Why you should hire an appraiser before you add a second story to your home.
  • How to avoid paying for a design that is out of your budget range.
  • How zoning could impact your design.

Our comprehensive guide also includes additional information on:

  • What you need to know about mechanical and plumbing systems when adding a second story to your home.
  • How will your stairwell placement impact your first floor?
  • If you have a chimney, what steps you’ll need to take.
  • Demolition considerations when adding a second floor to an existing home.
  • Design and aesthetics of the addition, inside and out.
  • Will your second story addition add resale value? Will certain options give it more value?
  • Where will you stay during the renovation and what to do with your belongings?

Adding a second story to your home can be an exciting project!  Be sure you research and find a remodeler who has experience with these types of projects.  The complexities for a project of this type can be challenging, so be sure you are working with an expert, like Parker Design Build Remodel.

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