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Everything You Need to Know Before Renovating an Older Home

The concept of buying an older property and renovating it is an exciting concept.  Fixer uppers are the rave on HGTV!  Sometimes, you can find an older home, at a reduced market price, and gain some instant equity by renovating old house.  

Many older homes have architectural elements that provide character while still allowing you to tailor the new space to meet your specific needs.  Download Parker’s Free Guide to Renovating an Older Home and you’ll learn about some of the basic considerations, common challenges, and best ways to manage your budget throughout the process.

Whether you want to renovate a property into a dream home or create a real estate investment that will provide long term rental income, this Free Guide gives you 7 Major Areas you must consider including:

  1. Financing Options
  2. Return on Investment Considerations
  3. How Value Engineering Can Help
  4. Age & Condition of Existing Home
  5. Design Elements
  6. Living Through A Remodeling Project
  7. Clean Remodeling Technology

In this Free Guide, we’ll provide you in-depth and behind-the-scenes knowledge on:

  1. The important cost difference between bidding a project and using the Design Build process.
  2. How a home renovation can potentially build instant equity and home appreciation.
  3. Why ‘planning’ a project is just as important as ‘building’ a project.
  4. Best ways to keep your on-budget and on-time!

Download our Free Guide to Remodeling Older Homes below!

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